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 Cry of the Phoenix is a friendly, undemanding, relaxed guild that is open to all classes, levels, and play styles. We are good for independent players and those who enjoy a group to interact with. People in the guild do a little of everything: instance, quest, pvp, raid, work on titles and achievements, and raise lots and lots of alts.

Cry of the Phoenix is a casual guild. We are not strictly PVE, PVP, or RP but a mix of people with different interests. Any group of people within the guild that is interested in pursuing a certain aspect of the game such as Raiding or RP is encouraged to do so under the guild banner and provided with resources that the guild can offer.

We believe all players should be given the opportunity to enjoy multiple aspects of game play and that a lack of experience does not imply a lack of aptitude. Every voice in Cry of the Phoenix is equal, and we enjoy open conversation as long as you do not belittle your fellow members. You may not get along with everybody in the guild, but you are expected to be polite and civil to your fellow guild mates, even when disagreeing. The atmosphere is generally on the light side though serious topics and debates Are encouraged if people are interested. Be as silly as you like, but don't be cruel to others.

If you have any ideas/suggestions/comments/complaints/etc, please submit them to the Guild Leader - Lillamor, Guild Co-Leader - Ravence, or the officers - Blaze rank, at any time. As a member of Cry of the Phoenix with the tag over your character’s head, you represent the whole guild. While we do not try to control your behavior outside of the guild, you are highly encouraged to carry the civil and polite behavior expected in guild chat into the World of Warcraft community. As a member of Cry of the Phoenix you are part of a community based on respect and kindness. It's together we earn our guild perks, rewards, successes, and server reputation:).


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April 6, 2013 Guild Drawing

Lillamor Troll, Mar 25, 13 12:41 PM.
There will be a Spring guild drawing for several prizes coming up on April 6. 

To enter, go to: Forums, Members Only Discussion, the post New Topic posted by Littlewolf2162, and reply to the post with your Main's name and your number of choice from 1-100. Look at the chart above to make sure the number isn't already claimed and/or check the other member's replies to the post.

The prizes are: Two WoW game-time cards (t0 be awarded separately) and One lump sum of 20,000 Gold. There will be three winners. If more prizes are donated, we will keep you updated.

Enjoy the contest and thank you for participating! 

Role Play Forum Added

Lillamor Troll, Sep 26, 11 5:13 PM.
As of Sept 25 2011 our website now has a section for posting RP info: Guild events, gatherings, stories, etc. It is under the general forums and accessible to website members. Please check it out if you are interested in organizing or taking part in something! 

2 New Posts about the Guild in the General Forums

Lillamor Troll, May 27, 11 10:28 PM.
One post concerns the guild bank rules and the other addresses how complaints against guild members are treated. Please check them out to find out more information. As always contact Lillamor or an officer in game via whisper or mail if you have questions or comments!

Guild Member Cap

Lillamor Troll, Apr 26, 11 1:50 PM.
Please see the general forums topic on the guild member hard cap to see how it applies to our guild. For all guilds in WoW the hardcap is 1k members.

Race to Guild Level 25!

Lillamor Troll, Mar 31, 11 8:35 PM.
Please look on the member's section of the forums for info and tips on helping get the guild to level 25! At level 23, the guild experience level cap is lifted, and it will be an all out race to get the Feat of Strength achievement for the server first of reaching 25. Members of all character level can help reach the goal:) Get involved!
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We are not recruiting heavily but will accept friends, family, and alts of current members, as well as people who are actively seeking the atmosphere Cry of the Phoenix provides. See the forum posts for more details and info on the guild member cap.
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